Crushed Stone, Sand &
Recycled Concrete Aggregate

East End Asphalt (EEA) provides construction aggregate of several different grades to consumers and businesses on a supply basis. Made from coarsely ground particulate material such as crushed stone, sand and recycled concrete, aggregates are ideal as a low-cost foundation filler when bound with asphalt or cement.
Because they're mostly made from recycled or naturally occurring materials, aggregates are ideal from both an economic and environmental perspective. When used properly, they reinforce the strength of traditional composite materials.

We're Bermuda's exclusive importer of aggregate from the Martin Marietta Auld's Cove in Nova Scotia, guaranteeing a high grade every time.

Find out more about our different aggregate grades by contacting us today. Our additional services include asphalt manufacture and resurfacing, paving, tennis courts, parking lots and marking.