Parking Lot Paint Striping, Repainting, Stencils & More

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In addition to asphalt paving, we also provide line painting services to refresh faded parking lot spaces or to upgrade your lot to ensure you get the most spaces possible for the parking of vehicles. East End Asphalt (EEA) specializes in precise and professional parking lot paint striping and marking services. Visible pavement markings play a key role in guiding guests and customers, and keeping them safe while they are on your property. Custom designs are available. We also remove and repaint existing parking lines using a grinder that is specially designed for the removal of pavement markings.

Our services are available for new and existing parking lots, roads and more: 

  • Handicapped parking spots
  • Curb markings 
  • Parking lot stencils, designs and numbers
  • Line removal
  • Line repainting 
  • Custom layouts

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