High Quality Residential Paving Services

East End Asphalt (EEA) specializes in residential paving, having completed many more projects than any other company in Bermuda. We are also the ONLY private company that produces asphalt on island, so you can be assured that paving is our top priority.
With two crews focusing only on preparation and asphalt paving, many of our employees boast 10+ years of experience with us, and our foremen are professional pavers with an average of 22 years of experience. We have all of the necessary equipment, including four paving machines of various sizes, rollers, packers, light and heavy excavating equipment, trucks and skid steers.

We are the sole licensed applicator of StreetPrint paving technology in Bermuda, allowing us to imprint custom colours, patterns and designs onto our pave jobs so that they simulate the aesthetics and texture of brick. This revolutionary technology is especially popular with those seeking to have their driveways paved, as it looks and feels like brick but costs much less.

We offer a two-year guarantee against defects such as excessive cracking, potholes and breakup on all of our pave jobs.

We pave with the following: 

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • StreetPrint
  • Cobble System
  • Brick & Concrete Pavers

To find out more and request a quote, please contact our team today.