Asphalt Manufacturers

East End Asphalt is the only private company that makes its asphalt in Bermuda, allowing us to employ more people and deliver a high quality, locally-produced product. By sourcing all of our construction aggregate overseas, we provide the highest quailty product to you!

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Streetprint Technology

East End Asphalt specialises in residential paving, with far more completed projects under our belt than any other company in Bermuda. We are also the ONLY private company that produces asphalt in Bermuda, so you can be assured that paving is our top priority.

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Tennis Courts

East End Asphalt uses the Plexipave Sports Floor System to build durable, attractive Bermuda tennis courts that are impervious to all weather and climate conditions. Flexipave uses a special combination of patching compound, acrylic filler and concrete primer to produce a strong, fadeproof surface that requires very little maintenance.

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Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing gives your property heightened "curb appeal" while improving visibility and decreasing your liability for parking lot mishaps. It also improves traffic flow by specifying designated parking areas for handicapped persons, customers and employees.

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Parking Lot and Marking Services

Parking Lot and Marking Services specialist

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Bermuda's Premier Asphalt & Paving Company

East End Asphalt (EEA) is Bermuda's leading asphalt manufacturing and paving company. We use the highest quality materials to produce a durable asphalt mix product that exceeds industry standards and is routinely tested at our plant to maintain quality control. The number one paving contractor on-island both in terms of jobs completed and standards of workmanship, we also offer an industry-leading warranty on all of our work.
We carry out all forms of paving, from small repairs and driveways to the streets of Hamilton and the runways of the L.F. Wade International Airport. 

Our services include:

We are Bermuda's sole licensees of StreetPrint asphalt stamping technology, leading the island in integrated paving concepts for residential, commercial and industrial environments. StreetPrint's patented formula has proven durable in more than 30 countries around the world, and is resilient in all climates and weather extremes.

For recently completed projects, please browse our gallery. To discuss your needs and request an estimate, get in touch today.