Professional & Affordable Asphalt and Paving Services

East End Asphalt is the only private company that makes its own asphalt in Bermuda, allowing us to employ more people and deliver a locally-produced product. By sourcing all of our construction aggregate overseas, we provide the highest quality product possible to our customers. 

Our sealcoat consists of either coal tar pitch (derived from coke, a by-product of the steel production process) or asphalt cement mixed with inert fillers, water, emulsifying agents and additives. Applied in thin coats, this surface treatment is used to protect off-highway asphalt pavement surfaces such as parking lots, driveways, runways, service stations and heliports.

In addition to asphalt, we also work with:

  • Concrete
  • StreetPrint
  • Cobble System
  • Brick & Concrete Pavers

We offer a fixed price quote, which means that we'll always honour our quoted price. The only exception to that will be if you ask for additional asphalt to be manufactured or labour performed. Please call us to learn more about our asphalt and sealcoat manufacturing process.

Asphalt Resurfacing Services & More

Asphalt can become damaged and require resurfacing in order to maintain its function and appearance. Damage is typically in the form of cracking which is caused by both the freeze/thaw cycle and the effects of the sun and moisture. The sun oxidizes asphalt cement, causing shrinkage and creating separations that lead to cracks. Moisture then reaches the pavement’s subsurface and softens it. Surface traffic will then deteriorate the pavement around the crack, creating a larger problem…the pothole.

There are many benefits of asphalt resurfacing: 

  • Heightened "Curb Appeal"
  • Improved Visibility
  • Decreased Liability for Parking Lot Mishaps
  • Customer Courtesy
  • Improved Organization and Traffic Flow 
  • Designated Parking for Handicapped Persons, Customers and Employees

Why Seal Asphalt Cracks?
Proper attention to cracks will prevent problems from spreading and extend the life of the pavement. Treating the problem while it is still small will prevent costly resurfacing later on.

The Remedy
Existing cracks are cleaned by compressed air. Cracks may also be routed to create a reservoir for additional material. This allows for greater expansion and contraction of the pavement without cracking. A hot liquid asphalt cracksealing material is then applied to the cracks, after which a squeegee is used to “band” the crack and blend the material with the existing pavement.

Caring For New Sealcoat
Once the decision has been made and the sealcoat has been applied, traffic should be kept off of the area for at least 24 hours. When parking lots must be open for customer parking, the contractor can arrange to sealcoat the lot in sections. Failure to keep cars off of the sealcoat before it dries and cures will result in tracking throughout the lot and onto the sidewalks and halls of adjacent properties.

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High Quality Residential Paving Services

East End Asphalt (EEA) specializes in residential paving, having completed many more projects than any other company in Bermuda. We are also the ONLY private company that produces asphalt on island, so you can be assured that paving is our top priority.
With two crews focusing only on preparation and asphalt paving, many of our employees boast 10+ years of experience with us, and our foremen are professional pavers with an average of 22 years of experience. We have all of the necessary equipment, including four paving machines of various sizes, rollers, packers, light and heavy excavating equipment, trucks and skid steers.

We are the sole licensed applicator of StreetPrint paving technology in Bermuda, allowing us to imprint custom colours, patterns and designs onto our pave jobs so that they simulate the aesthetics and texture of brick. This revolutionary technology is especially popular with those seeking to have their driveways paved, as it looks and feels like brick but costs much less.

We offer a two-year guarantee against defects such as excessive cracking, potholes and breakup on all of our pave jobs.

We pave with the following: 

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • StreetPrint
  • Cobble System
  • Brick & Concrete Pavers

To find out more and request a quote, please contact our team today.

Beautiful Plexipave Tennis Courts

East End Asphalt (EEA) uses the Plexipave Sports Floor System to build durable, attractive Bermuda tennis courts that are impervious to all weather and climate conditions. Highly cushioned, Plexipave is a premier sport court surface that uses a special combination of patching compound, acrylic filler and concrete primer to produce a strong, fade-proof surface that requires very little maintenance. A range of systems are available and additional applications include basketball, roller sports and more.

Learn more about the the Plexipave system and our asphalt, paving, aggregates and parking lot services or contact us with further inquiries.

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Crushed Stone, Sand &
Recycled Concrete Aggregate

East End Asphalt (EEA) provides construction aggregate of several different grades to consumers and businesses on a supply basis. Made from coarsely ground particulate material such as crushed stone, sand and recycled concrete, aggregates are ideal as a low-cost foundation filler when bound with asphalt or cement.
Because they're mostly made from recycled or naturally occurring materials, aggregates are ideal from both an economic and environmental perspective. When used properly, they reinforce the strength of traditional composite materials.

We're Bermuda's exclusive importer of aggregate from the Martin Marietta Auld's Cove in Nova Scotia, guaranteeing a high grade every time.

Find out more about our different aggregate grades by contacting us today. Our additional services include asphalt manufacture and resurfacing, paving, tennis courts, parking lots and marking.

Parking Lot Paint Striping, Repainting, Stencils & More

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In addition to asphalt paving, we also provide line painting services to refresh faded parking lot spaces or to upgrade your lot to ensure you optimise for the most spaces possible for the parking of vehicles. East End Asphalt (EEA) specializes in precise and professional parking lot paint striping and marking services. Visible pavement markings play a key role in guiding guests and customers, and keeping them safe while they are on your property. Custom designs are available. We also remove and repaint existing parking lines using a grinder that is specially designed for the removal of pavement markings.

Our services are available for new and existing parking lots, roads and more: 

  • Handicapped parking spots
  • Curb markings 
  • Parking lot stencils, designs and numbers
  • Line removal
  • Line repainting 
  • Custom layouts

Learn more about our asphalt manufacture and resurfacing, paving, tennis court  and aggregate services, or get in touch today for a quote.